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XR Commercial Shoot

This project was a commercial shoot for a popular medication brand, using an LED wall.


Upon arriving on site, it was our duty to set up the video I/O from the Red camera to our render machines, as well as set up and calibrate the stYpe Redspy unit. Also, we worked with the LED manufacturer's support team to correctly map and output our Pixotope scene onto the main LED wall, and smaller LED wall used for indirect light and reflections.

During rehearsal and shoot days, I collaborated with the director and DP to color grade, light, and make any additional layout or material changes in the 4 different CG environments in order to effectively create the final look in-camera and match the DP's practical talent lighting/coloring/FOV and client vision. I also troubleshooted any issues on-site that may have arisen between the CG team passing the scenes off to us to port into Pixotope.


In the car sequences, besides color grading and lighting, I blueprinted and set up a sequence in Pixotope that endlessly looped the tracked camera around a 'roundabout' road, allowing the practical camera and car to obviously stay static, but in-camera, the car appeared to be moving. Due to the endless looping, it could just run during the course of the shoot, and they could record as many takes as necessary. This can be seen in a BTS video taken on-site (left).


Duties: stYpe Redspy mapping/calibrating, on-site operating ("on the fly" color grading/lighting/layout/material/model changes), virtual camera sequencing and logic

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