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Steampunk City Virtual Set/AR Table

For this project, the goal was to shrink a city down as a convincing AR table, as well as create a virtual set of the full-size environment for a short shoot. 

Using the SteamPunk/Victorian Environment MegaPack, I worked to scale and relight the scene so that it would work with a practical lighting studio setup. Using Zero Density and Stype, I set the CG world on a physical table, set up practical lighting to make it look all integrated with the talent and the real-world studio, and color-graded to further match the values.


For the virtual set, I set the scene layout, set up convincing CG lighting that would work with my studio lighting, keyed and color-graded both the world and talent.   

Duties: Scene setup for AR and virtual set, CG and practical lighting (talent + green screen), live keying and operating/color grading, handheld camera operating

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